13th International Conference on Network of the Future

NoF 2022

October 05-07, 2022
Ghent, Belgium (In-person Conference)

Venue and Travel

Important: NoF 2022  will run as a fully In-Person Conference on October 5 – 7, 2022.

NoF 2022 will be taking place at Het Pand, the culture and congress center of Ghent University.

Het Pand is located in the historic center of Ghent and can be found at:

Onderbergen 1
9000 Ghent, Belgium

(Please refer to the map below).

Reaching Ghent

The city of Ghent is interconnected with all major Belgian cities, both by road and by railway.

If you arrive by plane at Brussels Airport (Zaventem), the easiest way to reach Ghent is by taking the train inside the airport. The fare costs €16,50 and it takes approximately 55 minutes to reach Gent-Sint-Pieters.
Alternatively, there are Flixbuses from the airport to Ghent, which cost approximately €10 and take 1.40 hours to arrive. If you arrive at Brussels South (Charleroi), the fastest way to reach Ghent is by taking a flibco bus. The fare costs €16,20 and will take approximately 1.20 hours.

Reaching the Congress Center

There are different ways to reach Het Pand from one of Ghent’s two main railway stations. From Gent-Sint-Pieters, take tram 1 and stop at Oude Houtlei, or take tram 2 and stop at Korenmarkt. From Gent Dampoort, take any of trams 3, 17, 18, 38 or 39 and stop at Gent Poel. Taxis are available 24/7 at both railway stations and will cost approximately €8,50. Alternatively, one can enjoy a 2 kilometer walk through the city center from both railway stations.